Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Evaluation #2

3.  Larson, in my opinion, wrote this non-fiction book comparing the killer and architect for the purpose of informing the reader/audience on the process and detail of the world fair. The two main topics, being the World Columbian Exposition and the hotel, have virtually nothing in common besides the fact that the fair lured the victims into "The Castle". Alike, the architect and Holmes have nothing to link each other with."The thing that entranced me about Chicago in the Gilded Age was the city's willingness to take on the impossible in the name of civic honor, a concept so removed from the modern psyche that two wise readers of early drafts of this book wondered why Chicago was so avid to win the world's fair in the first place" (p. 393). Larson conveys his interest of the city."The exposition was Chicago's conscience... the city it wanted to become" (p. 210). This conveys his interest in informing also.

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