Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Evaluation #2

7. The two different stories provide for the incidents that occur throughout the book. The first in the story of Burnham and the struggles he overcomes while building the fair. Early on, Burnham is left alone as his partner John Root experienced death. Throughout the rest of the book, Burnham faces late-arriving building drafts, significant global economic decline, union strikes, and construction injuries and deaths.
The other part of the book focuses on the unfolding plot of H.H. Holmes as he enters Chicago in 1886 in search for a job as a pharmacist or doctor. He finds a building close to the future construction of the fair. The lot provides practice for the killings and disposal of the bodies. As the World Fair begun to announce itself, Holmes transformed his building into the World Fair's Hotel, attracting his victims. Another main incident that occurred would be the death of the mayor. As the fair was brought to a close, it also brought tragedy along. The mayor of Chicago, Carter Henry Harrison was assassinated. 

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